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Easy ways to get rid of skin tags. First if your skin tags aren't that big I would suggest using apple cider vinegar and cotton balls. First take a toothpick or a cuticle cutter and scratch the surface of the skin tag just enough to break the skin, but not make it bleed then soak a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar squeeze all the excess out and place it on the skin tag bandage it down with a band aid or medical tape it's suggested you do this at night before you head to bed so you can leave it on for a few hours (5-8) and do this from anywhere between 3-7 days you will notice the skin tag shrinking within a day or two. That method was recommended for smaller tags. For larger tags I would recommend tying it with dental floss tight as possible without causing yourself to bleed I've read the post with people trying this with the anal tags and that it being very painful so I can't comment on that front, but if you have large ones anywhere besides there I would suggest tying it off and also add the apple cider vinegar and cotton ball method on top of you tying it off. I just got rid of 3 skin tags using these methods one I've been dealing with for a couple of years now and the others for 6-12 months all in different size ranges from the size of a sesame seed to the size of a raisin. I just started doing this to get rid of mine 5 days ago and today I can say that all 3 of mine are gone. Just remember to leave the dental floss tied on tight as possible and DO NOT remove it and to redo the apple cider vinegar and cotton balls method nightly and I promise you will notice them coming off

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