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Gay and Proud

I'm a gay male and I first noticed a breakout back in April. I went a few weeks thinking they would go away on there own but no luck. I tried hemmorhoidal cream at first thinking that they were the cause. When that failed to work, I went to the doctor and was told I have anal warts. I had a big one about the size of a pea and a smaller one. I had them surgically removed in May (this was a very scary time for me, being 18 fresh out of high school and I scheduled the surgery and had it without telling my family. I didn't want them to worry. I felt really alone but I was determined.) but around the end of June, one began to reappear.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands since the surgery is too costly (trust me) and it didn't fix the problem for long anyway.
I bought ACV (unfiltered With the Mother), Bio Oil, and Vitamin B & C supplements. The ACV is really cheap (a pint sized bottle for about $2). The bio oil however is pretty expensive ($13 for a bottle about the size of a shot glass, maybe smaller) the vitamins were like $6.
As of tonight, I'm starting the ACV treatment and will let you know of my progress. Let me warn you, it burns like HELL. But it was only for a few minutes. If it burns too much, apply some bio oil then put the ACV on top of it. I'm using a cotton ball soaked in ACV.
The bio oil helps with the burning and any scarring/discoloring.
Make sure to keep the area dry during the day, because before the wart reoccurred, the area would be really moist from me doing a lot of walking at work. It also causes some itching, burning, and unwanted odors (which I believe may be from an infection). It made me feel dirty, uncomfortable, and plain disgusted in myself. I started taking antibiotics and it cleared up the odors and burning. Now, I use tissue to keep the area dry during the day, just tuck it in back there and voila :) Now I'm using the ACV treatment to get rid of this wart that reocurred and to prevent sspreading. Wash your area daily and keep it dry. Trust me you all, it may not seem like much but it will really help. You will be way more comfortable during the day. If you experience pain having bowel movements due to the warts then I suggest using KY Jelly then immediately clean it off afterwards (remember, keep it dry). A sitz bath also helps to shrink the wart a little but that was only temporary when I tried it.

Back to my story at hand, I'm keeping the cotton-soaked ball directly on my anus and the wart (it's on the outside right by the perineum) and it stung for a minute but now it's sort of dulled. After that, apply the bio for healing (or damage control as I like to call it) then take a shower so that the smell won't stick with you. (Yes, the ACV STINKS. Of course that is expected since it's vinegar.)
This is what I am trying and I will relay my progress tomorrow night maybe.
P.S. REMEMBER to eat healthy, exercise and use the vitamins. Mine have immune system support.

Until next time!

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I am a Strasight Male and never have had any kind of Anal sex before but after extensive reserach through thousands of Horrid Pictures of peoples asses I have came to the conclusion that what I have looks Exactally like Anal Warts. I have had Sex with lots of woman years ago and may be a carrier of the HPV Virus. Was wondering how one can get this in their ass without Sexual contact there?

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