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LISTEN I believe Herpes to be 100% curable. Before i mention my remedies i will let you know that ultimately God is your cure ! Have faith and trust in him and he shall heal you. i have said a prayer over each bottle of remedy i have and i pray EVERY NIGHT for mercy and grace of healing. Just go to him in full faith and ask for healing and he shall heal you. if you dont know how to pray google prayers but go to God. He is waiting on you and its probaly the reason he put this in our life anyway because we mightve went astray from him. Currently I am trying Echinacea twice daily, two caps in the a.m and one cap at night, Black Cumin Seed (Nigella Sativa) twice daily two caps in the a.m one cap at night, Astragulus daily two caps in the a.m two caps at night, Cats Claw daily two caps in the a.m two caps at night, Cayenne daily one or two caps at night. For supplements I take Lysine daily two caps in the a.m two caps at night, B-complex daily two caps in the a.m and two caps at night, Vitamin C (Ester C 24hr Immune Support)daily two tabs in the a.m one tab at night and Hair skin and nail vitamins two in the a.m and two at night. I also drink a glass of Green tea in the a.m when Im taking my vitamins and at night when Im taking my vitamins. When Im at work I drink nothing but water.I'm adding Andographis (Herb) and Zinc(supplement) to my list. I also take topically Black Cumin seed Oil which has work WONDERS. Now I have not yet suffered at genital outbreak and I had herpes unknowingly for six months and I just found out last month im carrying type 1 and 2. Type two however it has done a little damage to my face. I broke out a little but I didnt start having these break outs until I started my own treatment to be cured. I read that herpes will try to fight back when its being attacked so I know these remedies are working. My face is now clear thanks to my black cumin seed oil which is said to cure all diseases except for death and my other remedies I am consuming orally. I have gotten lymph nodes which feels and looks somewhat like mosquito bites. they are real itchy and I have gotten them first on one of my shoulders it went untreated because I was at work at the time with no treatment it lasted there for couple hours then went away but weeks later I gotten another on my leg and luckily this time i was at home to apply my Black cumin seed oil and it took it away in literally 5 minutes. I rub it on my vjj and buttocks every night after every shower and has had no vaginal outbreaks so far i have not suffered no genital outbreak, my facial outbreak has cleared tremendously and haven't had another outbreak since. My plan is to keep this up til December then go back for another blood test to see if i still have it.I just trusted someone with my body like many of you. In order to be cured you have to have faith in God and in yourself. You have to take this seriously. With antibiotics they say you have to take this many tabs for this many days to be cured, this will be the same situation with herpes remedies, you have to be consistent with these remedies it might take longer to heal being as though this is said to be chronic so stay on top with your self prescribed meds and do not get discouraged and start slacking. If you continue to get outbreaks it could be herpes putting up a fight but make sure you keep fighting back. I care about my health and I do not want to risk giving this demon to someone else. This is nothing normal to have if it was normal then we all would have been born with it. We were born with a normal life and I want that back and I will get it back. Do not believe these people when they say it can not be cured they either gave up to soon or trying to make a profit on your ass by getting you to buy them expensive suppressants. Continue to pray and take your own meds which are cheap you can get from any grocery store pharmacy, vitamin shop, or online. Google EACH remedy that I mentioned with herpes and read what it is said to do fight the virus. Remember God has given every living organism a death. Nothing on earth is immortal including herpes !

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I understand

I so love your story. You hit it right on the head. I'm suffering from herpes also. I found out 2 months ago. I did just like you. Prayed to God. He is the answer. Psalms 103:2-4 I will heal all your sins and heal all your diseases.I have started on a herbal treatment too.I take echinacea,pau d arco twice a day and also garlic. I will try some of things you mentioned like the black seed oil and the other herbs you mentioned. Again thank you for your story and putting God first.


This sounds like a great system for suppressing outbreaks. My only caveat to anyone reading is that this is not a 'cure' for herpes. This is a regiment to suppress outbreaks (and replication) of the virus. By using these remedies you are suppressing the signs of the virus, but hsv2 has a nice little home in your spinal chord and come out to play in the genitals when the immunes system can't keep it there.

On another note, I am confident there will be a cure. They are getting to a point with HIV where they have been able to reverse it to undetectable levels. Surely they can do the same with this virus.


I'm informed on what Herpes is and what my remedies are said to do to help fight it. You are totally right my system is great because I have not had NO outbreaks since I continued this treatment. I have no doubt (only faith) that I will be cured. Physicians (which is what you sound like) will only tell you what they want you to know about medications, treatments, and cures for (I believe) their own profit. So I do not trust them for this type of information, only thing I need them to tell me is my health status. I will continue adding herbs and supplements to my list and most importantly PRAYING. One Herb I will add to my list is Yellow Dock. Used to help detox and create new blood cells to rid the old tainted blood cells. In order to try to treat it you have to know exactly what it is, and where it can be found in your system. It is also said to be found in mucous membranes. So if you have a little but consistent cough make sure you spit out the mucous. Or if you have a runny nose, make sure you blow and keep your nose clean. A mucous membrane is also said to be found in the inside of the genital area but I am not sure yet on how the mucous there will shed but I will find out. I believe through the mucous is one way for the Herpes to exit your system. I am doing my own research on this. I am not waiting on scientists. This plague has been around for years and all they came up with is a crappy expensive suppressant? BS. Everyone reading this I want you to know what has worked for me may not work for you but prayer works for everyone. Continue to pray and stay consistent with your own remedies guys. Do not get discouraged. Do not give up on yourself because you are getting outbreaks, in order for your antibodies and self prescribed antivirals (herbs & supplements) to fight the herpes it has to come out of latency. Do your research on this, & think outside the box. I will keep you updated on my remedies everything I am trying, In the next couple months I am going for another test and I will let you guys know of the results. Meanwhile just keep on fighting it and PRAYING.


To inhibit replication of Herpes is a big factor in treating/curing Herpes. Replicated Herpes Cells can spread. If you can inhibit the replication of herpes that leaves the body focusing on the infected cells. Andographis which you mentioned in your post has some beliefs to fight the existing infected cells. Clearly you have done good homework on this topic, However more evidence need to be proven. You are on the right path. You are also very inspirational. Keep God first. Stay Blessed

A nurse

Just so you know... Herpes is a virus. And viruses aren't technically alive. Otherwise antibiotics would kill it. Viruses can be suppressed, never killed.


Thanks for this encouraging post. I was almost about to give up on the promise God gave me. Almost verbatim what u said God told me what to do for my healing of this horrible disease Red Marine Algae is what I had been using and it worked wonders to reverse the outbreaks, but I think the virus has become resistant or maybe I need to up my dose, and also my diet hasnt been what it was either way thanks for this...I haven't had a real outbreak in a while and recently I've been getting them every few months so my desperation made my faih dwindle but God sent me to this post and Im glad. Faith restored and back on my mission...May Gid continue to bless u and keep u...




Please my fellow gogglers, is dr osula real or fake?

just me

Im using black seed oil, oil of oregano, burdock root to cleanse blood, yellow dock and black walnut powder all pure along w coconut oil i just stared a week ago i will keep u posted


has anybody got tested aftertaking there remedies etc? I have done a lot of research myself on antiviral herbs and foods along with other things. would like to see the end results of peoples remedies. whether its actual test results or a simple saying of I'm still positive or now negative. anybody?

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