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Lynn Paterson

i suffered from Restless Legs for years and by chance found a cure that works for me.
I started drinking TONIC WATER as i dont like tap water and after a few days noticed my restless legs had gone for the 1st time in years. I did a bit or research and discovered it was the QUININE in the tonic water that cured me. i suffered a bad case of restless legs with it in both legs and arms both through the day as well as at night time and as long as i drink at least one 500ml bottle of TONIC WATER per day it seems to work.

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Been suffering RLS for some time now. Found nothing works. I'm going to give this a shot and will let you know how it goes.


That is something that MAY help, but for me Mirapex that I received from my Doctor did the trick in two nights. I sleep like a dream now!!

Thanks Mirapex


Be very cautious of Quinine.

It was prescribed for me for RLS. It worked great and then after while it almost killed me. It is a reaction that happens gradually after each dose. Each time the reaction getting worse.

After researching it, I found it had happened to others as well. It can cause lowering of your platelet count. You begin to bruise easily and have tiny red spots on your legs (pupura). As your blood does not clot well, you can have severe bleeding problems, cerebral hemorage, bleed into internal organs, etc. It is even harmful to have a bleeding nose or brush your teeth (bleeding gums). Weakness and pain were intense - couldn't even move a pillow or raise my arms. Swelling in the hands and arms were misdiagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome.

I ended up in the hospital 2 times to as they said 'die', before finding this was the problem. My platelet count went down to '0' considering it should have been between 150,000 and 400,000 per micro-litre.

Anyone who uses it may want to check it out first and only under the care of a Doctor. I noticed when I was in the U.S., quinine products are readily available on the shelf at Wal-Mart and other pharmacies.

Just a heads up on this product.


when i was in US dr prescribed me works on RLS 50% but worsen in migrain..i don't what should i do as in india nobody is aware of this desease...


A few words on Requip,I thought it was the greastest thing since sliced bread when I finaly could sleep at night.
The bad news;over time I started to complain that everything hurt. All my joints, my hands and feet. Severe arthritis was setting in. Just to make sure it wasn't the medication I cut back the meds wich was doing strange things anyway and my arthritis dissapeared.


LADIES try this it worked for me I had night sweats BAD and Restless leg syndrom and a lady I met told me to try 1200 I.U. of Vitamen D once a day and after 2 days both problems were GONE and have not returned.this is god sent information! If you are on any medications ask your doctor if you can take 1200 I.U. of vitamen D if you are a bigger woman you might have to take more. I am 5'5 130pds GOOD LUCK ladies I hope this works for you to! Sincerly,Veronica {}


I had an ER doc tell me this works.. TRY IT


I tried drinking water for my rls and it worked. I think the rls is your a way of your body telling you it needs more water.


I read something about this in a magazine and it said to drink 6 oz glass before sleep and that it can stop your leg muscles from contracting so much I think it has a lot to do with diet and exercise if you are inactive or overweight it is worse dehydration and poor diet worsen symptoms also good luck I just started this tonight will write more in about 6 weeks!!!


If quinine indeed worked for your 'restless legs' then you did not have RLS to begin with. Leg cramping does nor infer RLS. To much quinine is not the best for you. Find a correct diagnosis and/or a different approach before it's to late.

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