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Ok, after waking on a Sunday morning during a camping trip and itching like crazy until the following weekend, I finally tried the following that seems to be working for me.

Well first let me say that I used some Benadryl cream and lotion and they worked ok enough. For short periods of time. BUT, what really worked long term was.....

Thankfully my bites seem to be isolated to just my legs from the knee down.

What I do is I get on a pair of those exfoliating gloves you use in the shower. Put them on, wet them down and squirt in some soap. Then I scrub the shit out of my legs and boy does this feel good. LOL.

Get out, dry well then apply Absorbine Jr. to ALL bites/welt areas. While that's drying, I mix a concoction of Gold Bond Medicated Powder and Bactine Spray in a little cup and mix well with one of those brushes you use to brush on hair dye. Make it the consistency of Calamine Lotion.

Then, once my legs are dry from the Absorbine, I get to painting over all bites and welts with the Bactine concoction. Make sure you go well outside of the actual bites and welts too.

I usually do this in the pm before bed and will not have to re-aaply until he next night. And surprisingly, I do NOT itch at all during the night or at all the next day.

Anyway, that's what worked for me!

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This is AWESOME! I've used Benadryl Cream, Cortisone Cream, and a Benadryl/Zinc spray. The spray gave me some relief, but it stays a little greasy for a while. This poultice provides INSTANT relief. It's not pretty to look at - but if you've ever had chigger bites, you really will not care. This is my first experience with chiggers (at age 64), and thank god for the internet - and this home remedy!

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