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Gemini Ram #7

Just figured out a good way to get rid of the pain. It takes a bit of guts but it will work within 2 minutes of applying, and totally numbs the pain. Take a garlic clove and chew a few small pieces off, then put them where they will touch the exposed tooth. Good luck

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I tried this.... its true it works!!!


Helps a lot. Turned sharp throbbing pain into a dull throbbing. Significantly easier to ignore until you get to the dentist.


fantastic it does work :)


THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just started having the worst tooth pain, tried this & it totally worked! I'm gonna sleep great tonight! THANK YOU 😍💙


How long do I chew it for??


It sounds like bullshit. It really works. Thanks.


I took minced garlic smashed it added salt made it into a paste surrounded tooth and gums with it and let it stay as long as i could definitely helpful took it from a 10 pain wise to bearable for sure....i also do ground clove on tooth and gums works wonders might try that with my garlic salt mix


I have a decayed tooth on my very back molar and the access comes and goes..the pain is absolutely awful. I feel pain in my jaw and arm and my neck! I sliced a piece of garlic and let it sit on my gum and tooth for a min it burns! And my breath smells bad ha ha but the awful throbbing has minimized so much! Who knew garlic works!! Thank you!

Gemini Ram #7

Just put it in your mouth and suck on it Jennifer

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