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A natural medicine practitioner

In natural medicine, mouth sores are associated with the fire element and deficiency of nutrients. Fire symptoms are mentally feeling impatience, sense of rushing forward, burning anger, explosive violence just as fire. Physiological symptoms are feeling hot, wanting to be cooled or eating icy food, constipation, strong urine color/odor, excessive thirst. The body wants to be in the cool water and puts off the fire in other words. If any part of these occur, then you need to learn to cool off and chill mentally and food wise.

Apart from using salt as other remedies have recommended, use hard candy cough drops or sore throat drops, put in mouth near the infected area, hold in mouth as long as possible. These hard candy drops normally contains menthol which helps to relieve the pain. Eucalyptus oil in the candy will help to cool the area and remove bacteria. Sugar in the drop helps to speed up healing.
Nutrient wise, take multivitamin B complex and multivitamin supplement containing Zinc and folic acid and Vitamin C. Yogurt, buttermilk, or any probiotics will help to balance the healthy bacteria in mouth and gut. If any fire symptoms applies, relax and soak the mind and body in cool calm water (literally you can visualize or meditate in this state), take lots of fresh water, cooling food such as cucumber, watermelon, mustard green. Avoid spicy strong taste food, fried or barbecued food.

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I can attest to using coconut oil. I put a few drops on a cotton swab and placed it on the area inside my mouth. Within minutes I had instant relief. Use virgin cold pressed coconut oil. It's the greatest remedy! It saved me a trip to my dentist.


Hi, people.
The other day, I was eating some pork chops that came out really dry. Also, my wisdom teeth are coming in. As I was chewing, things got kinda jumbled back there, the meat sort of stabbed me, and I bit myself. Now I have a cut way in the back corner by my wisdom. I've been squirting lemon and pouring salt in my mouth. I just wanted to know if I should continue on with this method, as I don't really know what else to do, nor do I know of any other antiseptics.
Is this wise?

Dr. Gerald D. Baschnagel

Hi Morty, No you should not. Lemon is acidic and will curb the healing process. There are some home remedies that I do recommend. This one should help if you need any help in the future.

1 cup mayo

3 ts fresh cilantro

1/4 ts cloves

1/4 cup soy sauce

1 ts beet juice

Mix well and enjoy. Though it doesn't sound it the mixture is quite tasy in addition to the healing powers that it possesses.

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