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I wanted to add to the discussion about remedies for bacterial vaginosis. I too have had this problem constantly over the years but I have found many things that work and will keep you from going to the doctor every time you believe you have it and have to take that disgusting medicine. The first is the yogurt thing on the tampon that someone else mentioned. Make sure it's plain yogurt. Also, apple cider vinegar on the tampon works as well. For people like me who get a yeast infection after taking antibiotics, these two remedies may have the same effect and you may get a yeast infection but you can just the over the counter cream for that. The last thing that works and is really healthy for your body is drinking lemon water. Cut up a lemon and put it in a half gallon of water and drink it through out the day. It also helps to slightly detox your body and can give your metabolism a boost if you drink it first thing in the morning. It works because it alkalines your body and that pretty much means that it balances the bacteria in your body. The unbalance of bacteria is the cause of you getting the infection in the first place. Look up food that are acidic and foods that alkaline your body online and try to eat less acidic food. I did the research on this and I never get bacterial infections anymore. Also, make sure you use a soap for sensitive skin and don't actually use the soap inside your vagina. The vagina is like a self cleaning oven. As long as you are drinking lots of water and cleaning out the inside of your vagina with water only, your vagina will clean itself out. I hope this helps you ladies!

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after removing the tampon (coated with greek yogurt), did u wash your vagina via douching or you just leave it as is?


I took it out and then took a shower.


Is it best to do this at night? N sleep with it in you?

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