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okay so I looked at all these remedies on this site and tried at least four of them. I have been getting boils since I've been age 16. I am 28 now. I get at least two boils a year in my genital area and Ed is the worst pain ever. I have tried sticking a needle in it to pop it. I have tried going to the emergency room. All that hurt like holy hell.

3 days ago I noticed that I was beginning to get a boil on the left side of my vagina. 2 days ago I noticed that I was also getting another one on the right side of my vagina. I take it as I have been working out a lot and sweating a lot. I take at least two showers a day and I thought that this was the nastiest thing I have ever saw. so I decided to Google home remedies for boils instead of going to the ER. I do not have any health insurance. last night I decided to try some of the remedies. First I tried using a which the pain immensely! Next I tried to used the toothpaste method to bring it to a head. In which it only helps to ease the pain for some reason.Finally I put ichthammol ointment $10.99 (rite aid), crushed non-coated asprin $1.00 and boil ease ($8.99 rite aid) and gauze (no tape-it pulls the hairs )on it. The pharmacist said not to use it all at the same time but by this time I was desperate!!! I did all this at 9 o'clock in the morning and then went to the beach at 1 to a gf2f amily reunion. I got home at 4 o'clock and lo and behold my boil was draining. Talk about relief

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