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So I have read a few comments on this page about 30 or so and then some recon work.
I do not be leave I have herpes but i have had a couple of bumps. Nothing as bad as people have talked about. I'am writing this because about 6 years ago i went to the doctors and had a test done from the bumps and the doctor told me it was not herpes. So never went into it after the bumps went away. I did have 2 or 3 more times this happened but nothing bad 3 days and then it was gone. I just chalked it upped to shaving. I had been married for over 15 years and had been faithful to my wife all that time. We divorced last year and I have had 3 partners after that now. My first two partners no problems more of a comfort thing on both parties a couple of months each. Now with my last partner witch I have deep feelings for. Intercourse is ??? Her and I noticed that after intercourse she will get a burning feeling but not all the time. maybe 4 times in 3 months. Now, mine you we are comfortable in the relationship we don't use protection and neither her nor I can have KIDs. I have been tested for STDs and have nothing so the de-lemma is, she has herpes now and bad as I see women do but the meds helped her. I noticed about 2 day after intercourse with her the bumps came out on myself more then normal from 2 to 3 of them to about 8 to 9 but nothing real bad, it went away in about 6 days and no blisters as people talk about. I did notice that were ever her girly part touched, I had a bump this time. One on my left thigh and one on my abdomen area. So could I have had herpes? OR could she have had it? Or both of us? I say this because you take a leap in to a relationship and who is 100% trust worthy today?
I did read the LYSOL Label read below!!

Lysol Brand Concentrate Disinfectant eliminates the following bacteria, fungi and viruses in your home*:

Influenza A2 (Japan 305/57)
Herpes Simplex virus type 1 and 2

SO Does this really work if applied to an area before the out break? I know with Women its a question but a man its external anyway.. I can say for women if you have had a child before this virus you my have used a number of different products as did my ex-wife did. I do be leave I never read the label because the doctor told us to go buy it.. Funny how that works. Hope this may help for all. Life will go on and just be open and honest in the future.

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