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I have suffered with toothaches alot this year due to sinus/allergies infections. The other night I was in so much pain to the point where I was shaking. I tried everything from salt n warm water, warm compresses, and taking 1000mg ibupropin. I finally bought some goodys powder applied it to my tooth n 5-10 min later the pain was gone. This really works n I recommend it for everyone.

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So sinus pressure and infections do play a role to my severe toothache after all????... I questioned that to begin with but dismissed the idea after the wife convinced me it was abscessed, But with abscessed usually comes redness swelling and inflammation but there’s none of that. And I’ve always had horrible sinus problems... so thank you for Confirming my belief on that topic????????????????


I just tryed it and it worked! I had a bad toothache all night couldent sleep tossed and turned. I had took ibprohen 800-1000 mg at a time, coldpress, salt water rinse, clove oil and nothing worked. Good luck people.


Only thing that got me through till i couod afford dwntist. Its awesome


I have deal with my toothache for 7 years now and when someone told me about the Goody power I tired everything including painkillers and nothing work for my toothache and I take Goody power and it work fast and easy for me to get rid of my toothache so I can sleep at night

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