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I have suffered with toothaches alot this year due to sinus/allergies infections. The other night I was in so much pain to the point where I was shaking. I tried everything from salt n warm water, warm compresses, and taking 1000mg ibupropin. I finally bought some goodys powder applied it to my tooth n 5-10 min later the pain was gone. This really works n I recommend it for everyone.

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Goodys powder? My tooth chipped off I was messing with it now it hurting in my jaw bone to my was!!!!


I tried the goody power and it really works for me too, thank you so much. God bless you, I was in pain.


Where do you get goody powder?


You can by it at almost any store. Even a handy way or dollar store. Its practically aspirin in a powder form.


Do u just had alittle water to make a paste then stick in there???


Omg!!! I just put the extra strength kind on my broken tooth, and it really does work and fast!! Thank you so much!! Warning to those who try though, it taste horrible. But that only last a minute and it takes away the pain before you even leave the bathroom!!!


Really works!!!! Bless you!!!


can you get this stuff from a 24 hour petrol station??


it works!!!!



I've been dealing with tooth pain for idk even know how long. I've taken everything under the sun. I bought goodies power extra strength and that works better than any pain killer out there. I put water in my mouth first, then I dump the goodies power in my mouth swish it around them swallow it. It tastes absolutely disgusting but it works. I hope all with a tooth ache find relief. Thank goodness I have a oral surgeon appoint in the next 2 weeks. It can't get here quick enough! Good luck everybody.

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