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Lucky mom

Am a 31 year old stay at home mom of two wonderful kids. I don't have any problems with constipation but I definitely love spicy food. About a year ago during my second pregnancy I suffered from hemorrhoids. I was scare, in pain & embarrass to tell anyone about my condition. The worse part is that one of my hemorrhoids popped while I was peeing.... I got so scare when I saw all the blood in the toilet. I though I was having a miscarriage. Anyhow, I started treating them with witch hazel & preparation h. The pain was minor & the discomfort wasn't that bad. Everything went back to normal after my baby was born. Occasionally I will feel a hemorrhoid but it wasn't painful. About a week ago, I started feeling a pinching sensation, then discomfort while sitting. I checked during a shower and I hemorrhoid was there. After a day or two, the pain got to the point if me not wanting to sit down or even using the restroom. I started the usual witch hazel & preparation h. This time it didn't work. The pain got worst. I even wanted to check in to the hospital. I called a gastrointestinal doctor but couldn't set up an appointment. Then my husband suggested aloe Vera. That's when I realized that it had to be a home remedy for that. Then the search started. After reading and reading countless web pages something kept on plopping out. Garlic & vapor rub. After my usual night shower i noticed a bunch of hemorrhoids, I didn't know what to do. I was desperate. So i cleaned the area with witch hazel. Then I mixed some vapor rub & mince garlic. Applied the mixture with a cotton rounds and leave it overnight. For my surprise it wasn't painful at all. At the contrary it fell a fresh relief. Of course, I felt the Vicks sensation thru the night but It wasn't painful at all. In the morning & checked and surprise, all but one of the hemorrhoids were gone. I treated the huge one again to see if it will shrink over time. No more pain, no more discomfort. Thank Goodness!!! Am not old, I don't suffer from constipation, & have two very active babies so I don't spend much time sitting, I move around the house all day. So I don't know where this problem originated. I also read that potato, tomato & aloe Vera are also good for treating hemorrhoids. Hope this will help someone with my same problem cuz hemorrhoids are horrible..... After today am gonna try aloe Vera, so I will combine the treatments.

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