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S. Turner

I broke a tooth last year, and at first it didn't cause me any pain. I was concerned about keeping it clean because I couldn't afford to see a dentist. DenTemp O.S. is AMAZING and COST EFFECTIVE as a TEMPORARY solution. (Find it at Walmart, Walgreens or other drugstore.) That worked like a charm, and after a while, I forgot about the broken tooth altogether. The problem is, even though I cleaned it out well before applying the DenTemp, it must have eventually lost a part of the seal it had made over the break.
Now I have swelling, which developed quickly around the bone in my cheek above the chipped tooth- even though the tooth is tender, but not excessively painful. My face swelled yesterday and I have an excruciating headache and face ache, which pain meds aren't touching. I will see a dentist TODAY.
PLEASE, if you use DenTemp or any other remedy, don't postpone treatment any longer than necessary! I only made the problem more severe and the permanent fix more costly and painful! Plus, infections can continue to spread, which makes the rest of the body vulnerable- even the heart! Please, be careful with your health.
Side note: other pain lessening measures for temporary relief are using an icepack on the face near the problem tooth; applying clove oil (see a healthfood store) to the surface of the tooth with a cotton swab- it tastes weird, but will help numb the area for a while; and, applying crushed aspirin to the surface of the tooth. A combination of these treatments may alleviate your pain while you wait for an appointment.

Best Wishes for your continued (or restored) health~

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