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This is theONLY thing that worked for me

I was suffering from bacterial vaginosis for over 3 years now and nothing would get rid of it. My boyfriend and I stopped having sex because the smell killed our mood. Going to the bathroom at work, in public, ect was always a scary experience because I never knew if someone would have to go right afterme and smell it. I tried pills, I tried apple cider vinegar, I tried hydrogen peroxide..NOTHING WORKED! I can't tell you how many times I cried about it.

I FINALLY tried Plain Greek Yogurt on a tampon for a few hours. smell was gone instantly and in the morning the discharge was gone! Seriously, for all you girls that just can't seem to get rid of it, try plain Greek yogurt!!!!!!

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Did you leave it in all night? Or just 2-4 hours?


after removing the tampon coated with greek yogurt, did u wash the area by douching or you just leave it as is?


this did not work for me.


Did it contains suger? And what brand did you used

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