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Nursing Student

Well I have to say that this is one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a women. Especially if you are in a relationship and have a sex partner. About 2 months ago I noticed an odor, so I went to my O.B. and had him test me for every STD possible, of coarse the STD panel came back negative but considering I have had B.V. before I knew what I had. I also tested negative for B.V. I told him I knew that I had B.V. because of the odor. He would not prescribe Flagyl. I thought what the.....? He told me to take probiotics, or eat yogurt or drink buttermilk. So I thought I know I am not crazy I will go to another Doctor. In the mean time I did a little research on B.V. It is an abnormal growth of bacteria in the vagina and a lack of your normal flora (normal bacteria) in the vagina. I have taken Microbiology and have a strong knowledge of bacteria. I have not seen the Abnormal bacteria under a microscope or on a culture so therefore I cannot identify it by name or even arrangement but I do know the normal bacteria is LACTOBACCILUS it receives it's name from arrangement, shape=rods, and what it ferments. So this is what I did. I went to the pharmacy and asked for probiotics, the bottle states that it has 1,000,000 colony forming units per pill. This is great!!!!! You want that!!!!!!! But after taken the pills for about 4 days there was no results. The colonies of the good bacteria would be present now but the colonies of bad bacteria were also still present, you want to eliminate the bad bacteria. Knowing that this bacteria is not very strong, I thought how could I get a dose of antibiotics? The only way I knew I could purchase antibiotics is bacitracin, I have seen the resistance that bacteria has against this common antibiotic. It will die unless it is a strong bacteria like what you would see in strepthroat. So I bought a tube of Neosporin and a bar of dial soap that said antibacterial. I washed well with the antibacterial soap and then inserted a small amount of neosporin into my vagina. Neosporin states for external use only but I also know that the worse that would happen is a yeast infection would appear as well as the B.V. so you want to be careful about how much you insert, I only used about 3cc or 3mL. It worked!!!!!!!!! I have been free of B.V. for about 1 month. So the neosporin killed the bad bacteria and the probiotics were in my blood stream finding homes all over my body including the vaginal area and digestive system. THANK GOD!!!! I hope this was helpful!

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Did you use the cream Neosporin or the vasilene type Neosporin?


bad idea. don't do this.

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