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Holly Holistic

I've had BV 3 years on and off. I havent had one since I tried this remedy 3 months ago. First off,I want to remind women you should always wipe back to front and Never front to back..I am pretty sure this most womens problem.Also,The Dr meds Medizole is a temporary fix its not a cure and this also why it comes back frequently.

what I did is Filled 1/4th of the tub with HOT water as HOT as i could take it. This is important. a little red skin is not bad but don't burn yourself. Now, Add half a cup of all natural sea salt. sit in it with your vagina submerged for 20 minutes twice a day. (It's a long time but it works) do this for 5 days!

I got results on the 3rd day but, I kept going because,UGH i hate BV. Its a are pain and smells bad. I think 5 days is the best way I haven't had BV in 3months and counting ..So,I hope this helps you too.

I also, Have you used unrefined organic coconut oil to to get rid of the smell and discomfort and it worked.

I am 3 months and counting. Good luck!!

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I hope you meant wipe front to back and not the other way around. The back is where the bacteria and other nasties are that cause these infections. Don't want to spread misinformation.


how did you use the coconut out?

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