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My fellow toothachers , how are you ? Dumb question right. I have two teeth that need root canals and two teeth the need to be extracted. Needless to say I am in a butt load of pain. The only thing that seems to work for me is taking two extra strength 500 mg ibuprofen , then leaving one to dissolve between my gum and teeth. The pain kind of ricochets from bad tooth to bad tooth so I just move it around as the pain travels. I also use orajel ! I know everyone's mouth is different I just hope I helped someone ! Feel better all !

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Thank you, I have same problem in 2 molars and the pain really does spread across the teeth. But using the pain killers cant go on indefinitely.... there must be a way to kill the exposed nerves. I have a dentist phobia, so I need a home cure.


Hi! To be honest with you, using those medicines are not that great, and other remedies work better, as well as it being cheap, I had this really bad toothache, I wouldn't be able to sleep, because it was that bad, but I used Halls Cough Sweets, I put them on my tooth, that really hurt, and I would wait for it to dissolve, once it did, my toothache went and I was finally happy.


oh wow! where do ya buy 500mg ibprophen's at?? ive only found the 200mg


I took a shitload of ibprophen and threw up.I thought this would work man..

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