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Boils - 1 Homeopathic Remedy using Walmart supplies.

Materials: All Natural Self-drawing salve, called 'Smile's PRID' & Johnson & Johnson Tough Pads (Hydrocolloid adhesive pads)

Procedure: I recently had a large boil on my breast. This has been a recurring problem, but this was a great problem to which I seriously considered going to the emergency room for. The pain was excruciating.

I found the PRID salve and Hydrocolloid band aids at Walmart. Then, I took a hot, hot shower, cleaning the entire area. When I got out I dried off and put the salve on and around the area. I covered it with the bandaid. It finally popped and the pressure relieved that night. I sanitizes my hands and gently cleaned and allowed the sore to drain using sterile gauze and wiping clean with PRID. I repeated this twice a day, and 3 days later, all the streaking and swelling is down, and I'm just keeping it clean, bleaching my towels, and repeating the same thing until it healed... But I so let it breathe and dry at night now.

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