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After trying many over-the-counter and home remedies (none of which worked 100%), and as well as taking Rutin capsules, I'm come up with THE BEST HOME REMEDY FOR HEMORROIDS OUT THERE. Try it, and you will see (and feel!) for yourself!!!

First off, the Rutin capsules do help, and I also recommend them. But, they do not work as well as the mixing the following blender shake (all of the ingredients contain lots of Rutin, in it's natural form!).

In a blender blend one carrot, 4 or 5 pieces of asparagus, one apple peel, and a good splash of water. Drink it up!!!

It's tastes awful, but force it down (it's worth it in a couple hours time when the pain and discomfort disappears ENTIRELY).

Because of the taste, I spoon the mixture into my mouth and simply wash it down with a drink of water, not allowing myself to really taste it that much.

Again, simple remedy with the simpliest of ingredients. Works better than anything else I've tried!!!

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