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Happy Toes

I am so happy to report to the internet my toenail fungus home remedy success story. I hope many of you can find it works for you as well. In April 2014 I noticed, after removing toenail polish that had been on for about a month, what looked like a bruise under my right big toenail. Turned out to be fungus. I was mortified. I tried Lamisil prescribed by my Dr., but it made me feel weird: headaches, loss of taste, gas, etc. I did not want 3 months of that very strong drug, who knows what it was doing to other cells in my body. So I started trying all the internet suggestions: apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, etc. After a few weeks of this with uncertain results, I soaked my toe in vinegar, clipped the nail down really short, and used a toothpick soaked in tea tree oil to DIG OUT THE FUNGUS from under the nail. Totally gross, and it takes a strong stomach, but a healthy nail is almost completely grown back (3 months later). I still put tea tree oil under the part of the nail that has not grown back, to keep it clean, etc., but I am so glad I just went ahead and took control of the situation. I was very gentle, and didn't break skin, it didn't hurt one bit. I used a headlamp. There was a gap in between where the nail and the healthy nail bed is, with fungus in between. Dig the fungus out! I hope this helps some people out there! good luck.

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Foot/toe fungus can't be dug out like mold in your fridge. You probably had a blood blister under your nail.


Thank you for your home treatment method. I think I’ll give it a shot later. Nail fungus has been a real trouble for my life. It embarrassed me a lot. I really need an effective way to deal with it. I have tried vinegar and tea oil, but they didn’t really work for me. I bumped into a video before I read this article at here on Youtube: It is about laser treatment for nail fungus. It seems a good alternative therapy for nail fungus, but I’m still not sure yet. Does anyone here have related experience?

Sherry Montgomery

I was going to suggest this, i mean Tea Tree Oil, I did use it, and i really does work. I do have to say, you need to do it periodically, but what the heck. I have this yucky flaky crud under my 2 big toes, and really it worked the first time i tried it. I believe mine came from toe nail polish, never let my nail breath. What ever the reason, the fix is Tea Tree oil....


yeah what you are describing is not nail fungus, but a bruised nailbed, or as had been mentioned a 'blood blister' under the nail. In the case of real nail fungus there is not a space under the nail, although the underside of the plate can become deeply grooved and brittle.

Happy Toes

Hey internet friends, An update from Happy Toes: I don't believe this was a bruised toenail bed, the affected area became yellow after a period of redness, and looked like what all the photos online of toenail fungus looks like. Also, unfortunately, I think some of the fungus is back and maybe I will try the Lamisil again...


To Happy Feet, I too have just discovered a toenail fungus and my signs were just as you had described.
I became quite excited there for a minute when others were saying it was a blood blister but alas I think it is a fungus.
Incidently my husband has just finished a three month course of Lamisil with good results, I would really rather not take this route though.
Good luck


Thank you so much! I will be trying this.


I'm using tea tree oil and something called Kerasal to try and get rid of my nail fungus. I started a blog where I take a picture every week to document whether it's actually working.

Good luck to all dealing with this annoying gross problem.

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