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Claudia R.

I put my hand very heavily on the stove yesterday not realizing that one of my house guests had just made coffee. Needless to say, I burned my hand badly. So badly that I actually cried for the first time from pain as an adult in at least 20+ years. I was able to get immediate relief from the searing and agonizing pain when I kept my hand in cold water but upon removing my hand from water, the pain was indescribable. After 4 hours I seriously considered going to the hospital. The burn on all three 3 fingers had begun to blister badly. I got a headache from the pain whenever I took my hand out of water for longer than 10 seconds. I finally researched this site and tried honey, which gave temporary relief, for a minute or two then I tried chamomile bags in water and honey, all to no avail. Then although i was not hopeful, I remembered that I had raw, organic, unfiltered honey (the kind with wax pieces in it- my brand's name was 'wee bee honey - naturally raw'). I put a spoonful which is pasty - not like regular honey- between my fingers and after a couple of minutes it felt a little better. I decided to wrap each finger with sterile gauze pads which were covered with thick coats of this honey), and also wrapped the three individually wrapped fingers together with gauze wrap. I couldn't believe the pain went away after about 5-15 minutes and stayed that way for the rest of the day. I took the bandage off the next morning to check the progress and couldn't believe these were the same fingers from the day before. Some of the wax from the honey had adhered to my finger tips and where it happened, the healing appears even better. To my shock, I no longer had ANY pain after that first 15 minutes. As of this morning, the blistering: 1) is significantly reduced, 2) covers at least 60-70% less area than yesterday, and 3) is not full of liquid at all. I am absolutely stunned! Interestingly, the honey jar says that honey had been used for centuries for treatment of all sorts of ailments and specifically includes burns as one on the list. I just noticed it.

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I'm so glad I found this site, and this particular post, last night. (Thank you, poster!) I wasn't paying attention and grabbed the handle of a pan that had just come out of the oven without a potholder. It's easily the worst I've ever burned myself. Lavender oil, which has been my go-turn for burns for years, did nothing. A bag of frozen veggies was next, which helped the pain as long as my hand was holding it. But then I read that ice will help with pain but reduce oxygen to the wound so worsen the injury. Next was whole-leaf aloe gel from the fridge. Once the cold of the gel (quickly) wore off, it had no effect whatsoever. Cold tap water helped only as long as my hand was immersed AND moving in the bowl of water. I couldn't keep my hand out of the water for more than maybe 2 seconds before the pain was too much to bear. Thankfully, my husband was at the very grocery that would have raw unfiltered honey with honeycomb, and got my single-hand text to pick some up. As soon as he got home, I smeared honey + comb all over the burns, not expecting much. But after 2 seconds passed, then 10, then 2 minutes, then 10 minutes, I was getting hopeful. It wasn't pain-free immediately, but the trend was looking good. It certainly kept things at a tolerable level. As more time passed, it became clear that the pain was dissipating, slowly but surely. So I wrapped up the hand in a little gauze and a cloth napkin with all the honey and comb (that hadn't yet dripped off) and went to bed. By that time, about 2 hours later, the pain was nearly gone and sleep was comfortable if a little inconvenient with the wrapping. Next morning, voila, no pain, no blisters, just some residual redness and slight tenderness at the burn sites. 24 hours later and even that redness and tenderness is nearly gone. Really impressive! And I discovered that honeycomb really does make a decent (and healthy) substitute for chewing gum. Not bad! This remedy will be in my cupboard from now on.


Soak in cold water for at least 10 mins keeping fingers in the bowl, put some metanium cream on or Vaseline if u don't av any, then get a helper to quickly wrap some bandage around each finger pulling tight on the burn which will give relief, then tape it up, an leave make sure u have some paracetamol and codeine if u have any,

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