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For some people, increasing your iron intake works. Also try a glass of Gaterade before you go to bed.

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i drink gatorade all day and everyday and it dont work!! probably about a gallon a help here.


I was suffering from RLS so bad that I was considering dropping out of school because I could not sit through class. I started to take iron supplements coupled with vitamin C (to help absorb the iron) twice a day. Two months later, my RLS was completely gone. It has been a year now and my RLS has never returned. I believe taking the iron supplement is what helped.


Restless or aching legs in the daytime could be a symptom of anemia. I took too much aspirin and it caused bleeding in my stomach which led to anemia and iron deficiency. One symptom of iron deficiency was leg ache. I stopped the aspirin, took a few iron pills, and the leg aching disappeared.


Iron supplements will work if you have low blood iron and that in turn causes your RLS. If your blood iron is normal (take a blood test)iron tablets won't make a jot of difference.

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