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I was there

I diagnosed in April this year, I also thought about suicide, it thought my life was over crying everyday
I tried 25 drops food grade Hydrogen peroxide after 2 weeks of outbreaks, taking lysine, oil of oregano, olive leaf extract black walnut everyday
After a month, I felt better and all the outbreaks disappeared, but I felt something crawling over my bottom & legs near the bottom
It made me feel virus still there crawling under my skin..
I bought zapper from
Within a few hours, those feeling something crawling on my bottom skin disappeared!
GH is caused by parasites and Zapper helps your
White blood cell works and it kills the virus
Now I am out break free over 2 months
I still have 10 drops of HP x 2 times a day for maintenance I will continue for the rest of my life!
Hope it helps!

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Ummm. Herpes is not caused by parasites. It is a virus. There is no 'cure' for herpes, but the symptoms can be relieved. I don't know what you did, but it certainly wasn't killing the virus.

(Also, one in four people in america have herpes of some sort, so it's REALLY not something you should want to kill yourself over.)


Im glad u didnt take ur life. God is bigger than tjis situation. U are not along. I dont knw u but i will be praying for u.

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