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Ok so I have a question if anyone can help? I've been using 1 billion providing inserted basically, and it usually works within an hour. The smell/discomfort is just completely gone BUT after a couple hours, I start getting a REALLY dark yellow discharge. At first I thought it was just the pills disintegrating, but I tried putting one in water and it didn't turn yellow by itself. Can anyone explain this?

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Any dark yellow or green discharge is related to an STD.


Not true. Dark yellow discharge can just be serious BV. Especially if it's accompanied by a metallic and/or sour smell.


It's not an std or anything like's directly related to the psychotic because the ONLY time this happens is the following hours after I use it. It doesn't happen at ANY other time..


You could have an infection on top of the BV


Probably just the dead bad bacteria!


Happened to me yesterday too. Green after trying probiotic! Not an STD and the BV isn't that bad, just started 3 days ago.


The bright yellow discharged it caused by the probiotic. The one I was using turned pink/red after inserted. My discharge was bright yellow as well, but that's just the pill dissolving.

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