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First I'd like to start off by saying I tried a lot of the remedies posted on here because my son had got a case of the ringworms he had contracted from another kid at preschool I tried the anti fungal cream, vinegar(white and apple cider), Epsom salt and baking soda baths I tried all of these things for 2-3 times a day for at least a week each and the only thing I could notice even half way curing the problem was the vinegar, but it didn't fully do the job and the ringworms continued spreading so during the time of me trying to use these remedies one ringworm spreaded and turnt to about 5 or 6 so I continued to look for more remedies to cure this problem,and that's when I ran across a post about Blue Star Ointment being a way to cure ringworms so I headed to the store and bought some applied it 2 times a day for a few days and it did the job finally something that worked it also even states on the box that it is a cure for the ringworm along with other types of skin infections,and it only cost around $6.I would suggest putting it on after taking a bath or a shower because that's when the ringworms get more active after being wet and that's the best way for the Blue Star Ointment to get into the affected area while it's open hopefully this post helps someone or thier child out when they come across this problem.

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I agree with the B.S.O. That is what I usually use but just looked in my cabinet and I am out. Since it's raining cats and dogs outside, I decided to look up a Home Remedy. As I type this, I have rubbed the infected area on my leg with garlic paste. I have used gauze and tape and boy oh boy..... Is my leg burning. I am going to try to leave this on all night. I hope it works. If not I will be buying B.S.O. like I usually do. I hope this post helps ppl dealing with this same problem.


Where do i buy blue star ointment


Ringworm in not worms but a fungus..... FYI.


I just bought a Blue Star Ointment and this is my third day of applying it. I haven't seen any results yet. Can someone tell me how to apply Blue Star Ointment? Do I need to just apply a thin layer or I need to rub it? The instruction does not say. Thanks a lot.


I thank you for sharing your experience here. I have a long history of having ringworm on and off for about two years. Thanks for your sharing, I just bought a Blue Star Ointment. It's my third day and haven't seen results yet. I wonder how to apply on it. Do I need to rub it in or just apply a thin layer of it? The instruction does not say. Thanks a lot.

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