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I am 22 and found out i had gh 3 weeks ago as of today, I literally broke down, was super depressed and plotting my suicide.i told my bf and my mom and cried my eyes out, thankful for a supportive mom she told me that my dad gave it to her and she has been living with it. also my brother had it... my bf was very supportive and we have moved forward because i literally hate looking back. the first OB was terrible i had huge lesions filled with puss , soon as my doctor looked at it he confirmed with a 99%. i was prescribed the V meds and he bussed some of them open and they cleared halfway. i was pain free until the meds were over and now the outbreak is back, Although not as severe, its hurting in the morning when i move my buttocks around and when i wipe after peeing. my mom told me to keep applying a&d ointment but i have not seen improvement at all. I did try the tea bag remedy and that soothed for a little while. I now have baking soda shoved from my rooter to my tooter which was really relieving at first,now it feels like a burning sensation... i order propolis and lysine on amazon from the herb pharm yesterday. although not in the worst pain like the first time i would like any remedy you have i am going to try ice tonight and peroxide with a Zinc, Baking soda and coconut mix, hopefully making a paste and going commando. anything will help..

PS: if you did take the time to read this long story thank you and after reading most pages of this site i am so happy i can share this with someone other than tip toeing around it with my bf and mom... lots of love and hugs!!!

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Soothe area with witchazel apply nyal cold sore cream camphor|menthol soothes and heals and an aclovir cream to minimise duration of bouts i am in my 50s and have been using this method for years with relatvely pain free bouts


thanks i appreciate it. but the one on my buttocks is very long and excruciating i just decided to call my doctor on Monday and get another RX of valtrex, although i really want to do things natural for future OB's but i am desperate at the moment.. also i have started taking l lysine vitamin c echine... and zinc i am on very high doses. but this pain is unsettling


For an OB as severe as the one your having an RX might be your best option. Ive been dealing with this for a little while and some OB are worse then others and I've tried everything I've read u can possibly do. To me I just use peroxide and bacitracin ointment morning and night. I clean the area with antibacterial soap and water with burns like hell sometimes then dry it and use the peroxide then dry it again and put the ointment. When the sores burn too much I sometimes put blistex on on it. I also noticed when I was on a diet eating right and exercising on a regular I didn't get one OB that entire year


Hi, I've been suffering with GH for almost 7 years and have tried every home remedy imaginable! I have an outbreak about every two months and the only thing that has help is prescription medication UNTIL I came across Kruschen salts! I only began taking this supplement because my nan told me its a good supplement for general health so I thought I'd give it a go. Usually my outbreaks last 2-3 weeks without medication and about 1 week with medication but since I've began talking the kruschen salts daily my outbreaks last about 3 days without medication! Maybe worth a try? You only need to take 1 teaspoon daily with water. I ordered them off the Internet from NZ. Good luck!


GARLIQUE (it has to be that brand of garlic pills - no aftertaste or odor)...2 pills per day the minute you feel tingling. Also take Lysine. Buy a lemon balm/melissa root balm and apply frequently (it used to be called herpicin in healthfood store). GARLIQUE is safe to use EVERY DAY - one per day. Both GARLIQUE and Lysine are ANTI-VIRALS. They work by protecting your good cells.


I have gh and have for three months I'm 21 and I know the feeling . It's hard but I promise it could be much worse I had misheard my doctor when she called me and told me I thought she said I had hiv instead of hsv . I was so upset at least you have family to support you my parents have no clue . Be thankful it isn't worse

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