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I suffered with recurring UTIs for three years. I decided to have an ultrasound to check nothing sinister was going on. During the scan I discovered that I do not empty my bladder completely when urinating, which was a surprise to me. The urine that is left in the bladder goes stagnant and will eventually cause an infection.

To stop this happening, I now urinate, and then go back 10 minutes later and urinate again. I normally urinate about 75ml the second time.

It may be worth trying, to see if your bladder is emptying properly..

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My bladder was damaged in childbirth so I never void when peeing (18 yrs!). I can pass 25-50ml first time, stand up and jiggle a bit before passing another 100ml. I go the loo almost hourly and rarely feel empty. Consequently i intermittently self catheterise and am sexually active so run a high risk of UTIs. My trick is natural greek yoghurt and big handful fresh blueberries for breakfast every day.

At least 2 litres of water a day and last thing at night a teaspoon baking soda in mug of warm water. If I feel a flare up coming on do baking soda in the morning too. Asparagus and pineapple seem to help as natural anti-inflammatories. I dont use anti-biotics as they always lead to yeast infections.

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