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Apple cider vinegar was the best thing my husband ever did for his kidney stone. He was in horrible pain and he was VERY afraid of the stone moving from the bladder to, um, its final journey. I had him try two oz of acv and I thought he was going to get sick! After I explained to him what it was supposed to do, he gave it another shot. Needless to say, he NEVER endured anymore pain. As for the stone, the only thing that passed was a mucus like substance with NO pain. Thank you to all who suggested apple cider vinegar. My husband thanks you too. He is a truck driver and all this hit him while on the road. We decided to do an ACV cleanse when he comes home to maybe prevent anymore kidney stones. I hope it works....and he is going to drink A LOT of water when he is home. To those of you who might second guess ACV for kidney stones, try it. It may taste horrible, but it worked for my husband...thankfully he didn't have to go thru the pain of the final journey of the kidney stone.

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I read this and I'm so hoping this work for my husband .. He's going through a bad pass right and can't get comfortable .. He took a shot and couldn't bare the look he gave but he did like a champ and now just seeing if it will work .. I will let you know cross your fingers


Did it work?


Michelle did it work yet ??


I agree. My last kidney stone knocked me out of work for 2 days. That following day I took Bragg's ACV and.I passed 3 nice sized stones 5am Monday morning! I faithfully twice a day EVERY day!


Hi..I have taken half of a shot glass of Braggs ACV for the past year, and have recently been slacking on taking it regularly this past couple month.Then I came down with a cold,and for 2 weeks didn't take any ACV...Now I've started to get kidney stone pain..and was looking for treatments and found this one about vinegar...and that is probably why I am in pain now,and why I got a bad cold in the first place ..because I stopped..I Just took a half shot an hour ago and it took away the nausia so far...anyways..I'm hoping this works for me too..One more thing.. just in case some folks don't know..Only organic works..not the clear brown kind..Braggs is good (and the only kind I can find)...and also always rinse or brush teeth right after drinking it, even if its diluted or not..the acids in it will hurt the enamel on teeth...worse than soda..I learned that info from my dentist. Thanks for reading ...and also, thanks for posting about this..


After an ER visit, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and honey in hot water did the trick for me. I had a 2mm stone. Heat up 3/4 water in coffe mug and add 1 tbsp ACV, 1 tsp honey. Pain will be relieved in an hr or less and stone should pass in a few days.

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