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Erins mum

Ladies, i too suffer from bouts of BV and usually get antibiotics from the docs. However I have recently found out some interesting info about a possible cause for this if you have re-occurring symptoms. I'm interested in this new craze of quitting sugar and how it can poisen us if we eat too much. Sugar as we know it now is not a natural product that our bodies can naturally process. In researching this I found an article about candida overgrowth. This can happen when one eats too many sugars and unrefined carbs. Our tummies flora goes off balance and it causes all sorts of problems. One being vaginal infections.(amongst others..all which i ticked the boxes as having) Interesting. It may be worth googling it and seeing what you think. I def think the two are linked.It seems that to treat this too the methods are similar to posts on here. Probiotics etc.. I'm now in the process of cutting out carbs for a few weeks whilst my body gets used to no sugar, as well as taking all the recommended supplements and probiotics... heres hoping it works

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