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Try a tea bag if you put it on you're gum by you're tooth ache it will draw the infection out a in to the tea bag but you have to leave it on all night and it will be gone in the morning.

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First, let me begin by saying how truly sorry I am that you are reading this! If you are like me, you are here because you are looking for a natural remedy for an awful, terribly painful abscessed tooth!

Secondly, let me just be honest with you and tell you that, in my opinion, there is NO natural or over-the-counter remedy that will help you if you have an abscessed tooth. Yes, I tried the potato and the tea bags. I wouldn't doubt that they work well with MINOR infections, but you must understand what you are dealing with here. You have a 'dead' tooth that is pumping poison (bacteria) into your body. The root, or nerve, is dead, decaying, rotten... have you ever let ground beef go bad? You know the smell? OK, I need not elaborate. That's what is going on in your tooth.

In my opinion, you MUST get an antibiotic right away if you cannot get to a dentist. My abscessed tooth hit on a weekend, so I could not get to a dentist. But I was able to take an antibiotic - and let me tell you, friend, that was the only thing that helped. Here's a little tidbit that tells you how strong this bacterial infection is that you've got: even with my antibiotic, the swelling only slowed and the pain became bearable. It did not stop the swelling! Why? Because it was fighting a losing battle with the decaying nerve.

What my dentist did for me was drill a hole in the top of my tooth and the puss just spewed out like a volcano. (YUCK! I know) He cleaned out the root canals and gave me a stronger antibiotic. With the putrid material gone, the healing began immediately.

I'm a strong advocate of doing everything naturally that you can, but this abscessed tooth is beyond the homeopathic realm - in my opinion. :-)

P.S. You might think about consuming yogurt when you start the antibiotics. Good luck!


The teabag worked really well for me. I used other remedies every hour during the day and kept the teabag in overnight. By the morning the abcess was greatly lessened and nearly all the pain gone.

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