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This treatment method works so well I will share this with other RLS sufferers. My RLS symptoms have worsened over the years and are severe. I recently discovered how to use the CP Relief Wand for my RLS. It works great and I sleep well all night, every night.

Over 20 years, my RLS symptoms have worsened and RLS drugs make me sick. At first, remedies like tonic water, dietary supplements, and mild exercise before bedtime, certain lotions, hot baths, and massage worked well. The awful creepy crawling feeling, leg jerking, and pain-itch of RLS was easily managed.
Over the years my RLS grew worse and my physicians ran out of non-drug ideas. I began to focus on the RLS symptom areas and what to do. These symptom areas were stationary but at times certain areas became more active than others. I was able to get sleep by doing toe-heel push-ups and deep knee bends before bedtime. I was also able to use a powerful motorized barber shop vibrator with the hand pad pressed firmly against each RLS nerve center. Sometimes I would find relief by applying intense pressure or hitting the leg jerking trigger nerves which left bruises. Often I would exercise at all hours of the night.

Recently I discovered how to use the CP Relief Wand for RLS. It is intended for general pain relief but works extremely well for my RLS. I press the Wand against each active RLS trigger nerve before going to sleep. It deadens each nerve in less than a minute. It is without a doubt the best remedy that I have come across. There are no side effects. I use it every night and I sleep perfectly well all night, every night. When using the Wand I moisten the skin but I don’t use the gel pads. Instructions for using the CP Relief Wand for RLS can be found by web searching “How to use the CP Relief Wand”.

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