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Use baby powder to control perspiration and odor on any part of your body like feet, genital area, or arm pits. Also try shaving/trimming arm pits hairs and pubic hairs to reduce both perspiration and odor as well. These two things combined with regular showering/bathing and using clean clothes daily should help.

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does it work?


not for me




try taking a bath that will clean you right up!!!! shower 2 times a day 3 the most and you won't smell!!!!


I would not recomend shaving off pubic hairs. Some people like too, but the health benefit is very low. The hairs trap bacteria, and help the bacteria stay out of the private areas. Just wash yourself 2 times a day, and use a anti-persperant bar of soap, and lather/rinse off well. Change undergarments 2/3 times a day if needed.


No! Never ever use powder (baby powder, talcum powder, etc) on your armpits! It will make the smell worse.


Baby powder especially around the genitals has been linked to ovarian cancer. Read on it. Do your own search.


Actually powder does work for the control of moisture. There are several 'cornstarch' alternatives to talk now, and I have found them to be quite effective.


I disagree with baby powder that's used in the genitilia area have been link to overian cancer. That would mean a lot of babies have cancer.


I resorted to baby powder a couple times in 'emergency' situations and ended up smelling VERY skunky. I have had the best luck with baking soda.

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