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I have a serious fear of the dentist and really bad teeth. After liquid Motrin stopped easing the pain, I had to find something else and fast. My back molar is cracked and in overly severe pain. For two weeks, I've been popping ibuprofen like crazy. I take two, hold some heavily salted warm water on the area, then rinse with mouthwash. It does work! It makes it manageable to sleep and eat. Also, a fresh garlic clove. Slice a piece off and slowly bite down. Hold it on the area for roughly five minutes. It burns like crazy, but it definitely helps with swelling and pain!

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Thank you it works . my wife was in tears. Now after clove applied all good.


Thanku its works very well. The pain's gone. Thanku very much.


crazy but vanilla extract it works use a cotton ball soak it in the vanilla extract and place it on the tooth or around the tooth.

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