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Just want to share with you what worked with my anal warts. i used apple cider vinegar topically and drank it as well.

my method took 2 months but at least I got it all out. i have 2 large warts in the anal region and a few small ones. i apply the apple cider vinegar twice a day - one in the morning and another before going to bed. instead of soaking a cotton ball and leaving overnight, i just dab apple cider vinegar using qtips. i just make it sure that the warts are well-covered. after several application the warts turned white, seemed enlarged, and became itchy. at some point maybe day three of doing this, i noticed bleeding on the two big warts. i panicked and stopped using it. instead i applied vitamin e. the wart turned to skin color again and no change in size. then i decided to go back to the routine of using apple cider vinegar. i did not stop using it even if there were bleeding. it was painful but i had to endure that. if i couldnt take it, at least i apply once a day after the morning shower. yes, the anal area became sore but since i did not use the soaked cotton balls, for me it is bearable. the warts did not turn black if just started getting smaller until it became unnoticeable.

Aside from topically applying apple cider vinegar, i drink two glasses of apple cider vinegar juice. once in the morning and another in the afternoon. i use 2 tablespoons of acv, 8 oz water, raw honey for taste.

I also boosted my immune system by taking multi-vitamins, acai, some herbal medicine that contains echinacea et al, garlic, and a whole lot of water.

i applied acv this morning and i don't think i am seeing any more warts. i feel a lot better too. i plan to occasionally apply the acv topically but i will make sure i will keep up with the drink.

most important thing is repent and pray a lot!

i learned from this experience. i know that hpv i'll carry this for a long time but i am hopeful that my body will get rid of this virus.

all the best guys!

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happy to share that no re-growth of anal warts :)

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