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I am not joking... Drink a couple of stout vodka and tonics with lime... And there is no itching whatsoever. It just stops! Prior to the drinks, I thought I'd go crazy with the itching. I'd tried prescription cortisone, Benedryl, ammonia, chiggaroff and peroxide. I'm headed to bed and hopefully will sleep like a baby!

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chigarid liquid med in small bottle $3.24 a bottle CVS is the only store I could find it use the stick inside an swab it on the bites an the itch will stop.Im sure not drinking Vodka to stop the itch


Best advice ever. I love it.


I agree with the drinks. Got invaded by chiggers Friday and drank with family all Labor Day weekend. Now I'm home watching TV and am sober and ripping into my ankles. However I was drinking vodka waters.


This made me laugh! Too bad I don't drink. Now, back to scratching...


This explains why my husband never gets bitten but the kids and I are miserable!


Best remedy ever. Thanks🍸

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