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I have gone through every remedy on this page and someone of them partially work while others don't. In my situation, I am in the middle the country where no dentist exist and will not be back home until this assignment is over. Here's the remedy. First, you should rinse your mouth with alcohol (I use Tennessee Whiskey with Honey). This will immediately remove the pain. Afterwards, there is a product called dentemp that will relieve all of your pain. It is about $2.56. It's available at walmart, CVS, etc. You wash your hands, do not try and get the paste and stick in to the hole of the exposed nerve. You let it dry for one hour. I am not able to go to the dentist for about 3 months. I AM NOT KIDDING. As a result, I do this once a week and I feel amazing. The pain scale goes from 10 to 0. There is no pain and you can eat, sleep, etc. I would recommend always having it in the house. Good luck.

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Military Veteran

My filling crumbled out of my backmost molar on top left of my mouth. I saw my dentist but couldn't yet afford the root canal or crown even with my insurance as my portion was still around $600 min. Anyways later down the line it began hurting so bad on a weekend evening around 7pm (no dentists open/no emergency dental place that I knew of or wanted to pay for). I thought I would throw up or pass out from the pain radiating across the top of my upper tooth line, under my cheekbone, my left lower jaw, left collarbone, and left ear popping. Full left side of my face felt paralyzed for some time there. It was intense. Took myself to the VA ER in my city to make sure I wasn't infected & wonderfully knowledgeable doctor told me there were no signs of infection. He told me about dental cement...he even said if I could make it to the dentist in a day or two to use gum instead so they didn't have to scrape the dental cement out. He offered me a shot to numb my jaw, and told me he could prescribe pain pills if I had someone to drive me. I kindly declined both but he gave me 800mg ibuprofens to take once every 8 hours and also a penicillin low dosage to be on the safe side of having it currently exposed to protect from infection... I hope my post helps someone who doesn't have a dentist or doctor to go to -just try the cement (or gum worst case scenario). Dentemp is drying in my mouth as I type this. I have to wait until my new dental insurance kicks in March 1st and I can save up to have my monetary portion ready by then. Hope my case scenario helps someone else; God's help to us all lol.

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