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I have gone through every remedy on this page and someone of them partially work while others don't. In my situation, I am in the middle the country where no dentist exist and will not be back home until this assignment is over. Here's the remedy. First, you should rinse your mouth with alcohol (I use Tennessee Whiskey with Honey). This will immediately remove the pain. Afterwards, there is a product called dentemp that will relieve all of your pain. It is about $2.56. It's available at walmart, CVS, etc. You wash your hands, do not try and get the paste and stick in to the hole of the exposed nerve. You let it dry for one hour. I am not able to go to the dentist for about 3 months. I AM NOT KIDDING. As a result, I do this once a week and I feel amazing. The pain scale goes from 10 to 0. There is no pain and you can eat, sleep, etc. I would recommend always having it in the house. Good luck.

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I had dental scaling and fillings replaced. I have recession big time which has caused on one tooth extreme sensitivity and the nerve is hypersensitive. I'm on a routine treatment fr periodontist. But still have roller coaster pain. Will this product stay on the outside of this tooth? Does it stay on the tooth permanently? Does it have to be removed by dentist? Thank u.


😢 Was in SOOO MUCH PAIN! on a scale 1-10 it was Definitely a 10. After doing this my pain is down to a 2-3 within the hour!👍


After being in unbearable pain for 2 days, I started to look online for answers. I tried a few things until I came across this idea. This worked for me!! After I rinsed my mouth out with vodka, I used this and in about 45 mins...I started to feel a little relief. My pain went from a 10 to a 4 then to a 2-3. It's tolerable now until I can go to the dentist. THANKS!!


I have tried all the remedies here. Well at least the ones that didnt seem to do more damage. I wanted to add one I didnt see, and im late to the game....

I bought Goodies (you know the powdered aspirin) BC would work as well. Put a bit on my finger tip and just put it on the exposed nerve area....instant relief, yet temporary. Lasts maybe 2 hours depending on how well you can get it in there and get it to stay.

warning: it tastes awful!


I used the dentemp but unlike all the other post my tooth still has a throbbing pain.. How do u remove it


Dentemp is the best ever, what a relief, dentist cost a fortune, dentemp is cheap and works.


if you are still experiencing pain after the dentemp then it is probably infection along with the exposed nerves. You need to be taking an antibiotic along with covering the exposed nerve with Dentemp. There are places you can purchase fish antibiotics which are just like human antibiotics. You can research it and see.

Kathy posted 7.25 am monday 19 October

I've been,up too 28th massive tooth pain I had some dentemp in cabinet a girlfriend bought for me last year but the tooth had to be removed but anyway this tooth is so bad I'm trying it now and it's my back tooth broke off and is exposed to the nerve omg hurts but i think it's working so far I feel some relief I'm going to sleep I hope then,i will post more to let you k,ow if it worked for me ..


So far working for me pain still there but barrable hoping it's gets better and I see a dentist next Wednesday I want it pulled


I have a tooth and i have been using dentemp for a little while is starting to work very seldomly...

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