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I have gone through every remedy on this page and someone of them partially work while others don't. In my situation, I am in the middle the country where no dentist exist and will not be back home until this assignment is over. Here's the remedy. First, you should rinse your mouth with alcohol (I use Tennessee Whiskey with Honey). This will immediately remove the pain. Afterwards, there is a product called dentemp that will relieve all of your pain. It is about $2.56. It's available at walmart, CVS, etc. You wash your hands, do not try and get the paste and stick in to the hole of the exposed nerve. You let it dry for one hour. I am not able to go to the dentist for about 3 months. I AM NOT KIDDING. As a result, I do this once a week and I feel amazing. The pain scale goes from 10 to 0. There is no pain and you can eat, sleep, etc. I would recommend always having it in the house. Good luck.

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Thank you for posting. My daughter has a cavity the poor girl is crying with pain and can't see a dentist for 4 days which to top it off she is 27 weeks pregnant so she can't take anything. Anyways we tried the dentex and it worked instantly like you said it would so again thank you ♡

Naomi from Nairobi, Kenya.

Hallo, thanks for your post. My tooth aches like no one's business. I will try your recommendation immediately.


im definately going to give this a try


Im sorry I don t under stand is the product called
Dentemp or dentex?

U also said to wash ur hands and not to try to
Put it in broken hole where nerve is?
Or did u mean to plug the hole where nerve is
And wait 1 hour for it to dry.

The dentex or demtex which is a paste? Please
E mail me to clairfy this, thanks.


I had the most painful toothache in the world...I honestly thought I was going to pass out from the pain. I also tried the same thing. I purchased a small bottle of Jack Daniels from the liquor store and swished a capful in my mouth for about a min. Spit and rinse. I also purchased that Dentemp from Walmart for around $3.00. It comes in a little blue container with a white stick to get the paste out. You wash your hands, use the stick to get out a small amount and make a ball with your fingers. Apply the ball into the cavity or hole and press firmly. Wait for an hour to eat or drink anything. The directions are on the back of the package. Let me tell you, It Really Works! This inexpensive remedy saved my life and my sanity!


Dentemp totally works. I had a impacted molar removed a few months back. Cost a load of money even with dental insurance so didn't have any money to replace the missing molar. The molar next to the missing one ended up having a nerve exposed. At first it was a mild tingle but then it become a gripping pain. It shot from the molar up to the inside of my ear. The only thing I could do to stop the pain was suck on ice cubes. This lasted until I ran out of ice cubes. Saw the post for dentemp and had my GF rush out to buy some. Best 3 bucks I ever spent. Brushed my teeth, rinsed out my mouth with mouthwash, because I wasn't sucking ice cubes the pain came back with a vengeance. After a few minutes of waiting to die I was able to back some of the dentemp into the side of the molar that had the exposed nerve. Using the little spoon that comes with it was a waste of time. Ended up just pushing in with my fingers and smoothing it out that way. Pain slowly went away after about 20-30 minutes. Thank OP for this post.


Yesssssss! Thank The Lord for your post. This worked so well. I never leave comments or product reviews but I prayed and told The Lord I would if this worked. And it did! Thanks!


So even tho I have a hole in my tooth & my nerve is out I can use it? I'm in so much PAIN I'm ready to put my head through a wall no joke I've been to the hospital I've taken pain pills and try almost ever thing I've read on the Internet like mince garlic garlic cloves, hole cloves that they put in ham, baking powder & warm water just so many and I just can't take it I REALLY NEED HELP..... Some one PLEASE write me back & let me know if I can still use it even tho I have a hole in my tooth & with the nerve is showing! !!!!!!

Feeling hopeless

Thank you, I went to gov/public dentist today...they charged 40 for visitation, 30 for x-rays.... they didn't pull out my tooth and told me to go to a private doctor. I honestly cant afford a dental/health insurance... I've been flossing after every meal, carefully picking the food out of my broken tooth, mouth washing with hydrogen peroxide water and applying oral pain relief from cvs. But I'm going to try this!!!!


I have a exposed back tooth that a filling fell out of n my dental at wk doesnt kick in till oct. Well I get to Walgreens n got what u stated above. I thought I was home free n pain free. Yeah sike, it worked for about an hr after that I was up till 330am with massive tooth pain. While at wk today the damn temp filling fell out....did not wk for me :(

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