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This works for me whenever I wake up with a stiff neck. The sooner you do it after waking up, the better.

First, remove your pillow so you're lying completely flat on your back, on the bed. Relax completely, taking smooth, deep breaths. Stay like this for about 30-45 seconds. Then, while still lying flat on your back, turn your head to the left. Breath and relax in that position for 30-45 seconds. Now turn your head to the right, and hold that for 30-45 seconds.

Next, flip over onto your stomach. Lie completely flat with your face in the mattress and relax, breathe, etc. for 30-45 seconds. Then, while staying in that same position, turn your head to the left and hold, breath, etc. Finally, turn your head to the right and hold, etc.

You can repeat these steps until the pain has gone away completely, and you can also adjust the time for each if you're in a hurry. Also, this can be very relaxing, so make sure to set an extra alarm if you think you might fall back to sleep!

Hope this helps! :)

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