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I believe I have BV. Last year I was diagnosed with it by my doctor, was given a vaginal antibiotic and it cleared up fine.

I believe it has reoccurred as my symptoms are the same and I was hoping to be able to do a home remedy.

I have read many treatments on here, but the thing is, I only have vaginal 'pain/pressure' ans slight burning sensation, whic is what I had last year. They ruled out UTI which I am all too familiar with and I know this is not. I do not have abnormal discharge or funny smell.

The pain/burning is more prevalent in certain sitting positions or when I lie down, especially on my stomach. Standing up I usually do not notice.

I have tried the coconut oil and tea tree oil and it helped slightly but not all the way. I am now trying the hydrogen peroxide and will see if that helps.

I eat very healthy and take acidopholus am and pm.

Has anyone had similar symptoms as me and found something that helped? I plan to go to the doctor if the hydrogen peroxide does not help.

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I am trying hydrogen peroxide, sea salt, and garlic powder. It burns but I can tell they are all working. Also, I have taken 2 Probiotics with 1 billion live cultures, 1 Vitamin D, 1 Vitamin C capsule, 1 Vitamin E capsule, a Folic Acid, Stress vitamins with a bunch of B vitamins in them, and Azo Cranberry. I think the peroxide, sea salt, and garlic powder are working well. I am going to try and get some odorless garlic capsules. I hope this information helps. Take care. :)


I hv had it fir 2 years now... hv tried it all... this is so nasty.. I hate smelling like fish when I hv rekations... plz ket me know if yall find something that works


Hi! Try using a peroxide douche. 50/50 peroxide douche. Hold it in for at least 10 secs. You should notice the change immediately. Peroxide kills bacteria very well. If your vag begins to foam while the peroxide is inside, dont worry! That means it is working!

Good luck! I know this can be stressful but you must continue with trial and error to see what works for you! Dont give up!

After you douche, rinse vag with cool water then insert a little plain goat yogurt. The yogurt is optional, if bacteria present in the vag in the problem, hydrogen peroxide will kill it no questions asked!


Oops, I meant to say 50/50 peroxide & distilled water douche. Make sure the water is distilled and that you ARE NOT using tap.

Hello Ladies.......I'm a man, but I read a lot.....A whole lot-Especially about alternative solutions,,,,,I founded a testamonial on a website called ''....In this testamonial; a lady spoke of how she cure herself of similar issues in which you speak of.....Mind you; I'm paraphrasing, but essentially what she said was she was able to rid herself of this issue by mixing a teaspoon or 2 of Baking Soda/Sodium Bicarbonate powder in an 8oz. glass of water and orally drinking the mixture once or twice a day for about 6 weeks....

Now listen, the problems we have with our bodies did not materialize overnight; therefore you must realize that this is a solution......And sometimes solutions takes time to work.....Unlike most prescription medications; solutions deals with the root of the cause-This is not a tylenol ....

So here me out young ladies....Whatever you decide to use, for whatever issue you have, make a total commitment to it....Give it time to work.....I can't emphasize enough how important it is for you to fight through the possible side-effects.....Let me add that the side-effects that might arise, are not necessarily coming from what you are taking for your issue, but more than likely are coming from the issue itself...Whatever the issue is, it's comfortable living in your body and it's going to put up a fight to stay in your body.....And that's where the 'unsettling feelings/side-effects' are coming from.....

There's a company by the name of 'Rugby' That has a great deal on 'Sodium Carbonate/Baking Soda'(same-difference) on Amazon's Website.....A Thousand tablets for about 429.00 after S&H....

Most of the reviews on Amazon that's written about this product, talks about resetting your 'ph Balance' back to it's default state....People take this product for other issues as well; like Acid Reflux, Stomach Pain, as well as major Kidney issues......

Whatever your issue is, I hope it works for you....

Live Well.......

Forgive me....Made a mistake on the price...It's $29.00.....

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