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Thought I'd toss my story about after ready others and gathering what I should do.

I'm not sure when I got GW- I had a girlfriend for YEARS and now, in hindsight, I should have recognized all the abnormal pap smears she was getting upset with. Years later we had moved on and I started dating again, and after that relationship ending, I was told by my then ex that she had HPV.

So now, years later of probably piss-poor health, it caught up and I have a small cluster underneath my shaft.

I decided to go the apple cider vinegar route. Picked up some Heinz 5% ACV from my local grocery store and applied it on a light stretch of cotton held on with a couple band aids. I did this for a couple hours 2 nights ago, twice, with a could hours between sessions. The second time stung a bit, so I didn't leave it on all night like some people here talk about.

After removing the band aids they were white and swollen. The were relatively flat before, but now I could see the severity of the cluster.

The next morning I put a little tea tree oil on the in the morning, and gave it a rest that night. They definitely didn't look as bad as they did prior, and I could see some dark spots, which as people have described here should be them withering away.

The next day I repeated what I had done before. They flamed up a bit but then when I went for a second round and pulled the band aid, they were flat and dark. I washed them off and tossed on a little more tea tree oil.

So here I am now, present day, and I've given them a couple more hours. It burned a bit but after taking off the band aid again, they looked much closer to scabbing and falling off. I think I'll give it another ago later this afternoon.

I should also mention that during this, I have quit smoking (it's been days and I don't anticipate smoking again [fingers cross]), and I've started taking vitamins in the morning as well. I believe C, B12, Garlic, and a couple others that I can't think of.

I'll respond to my post with updates.

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Alrighty. It's a few days later. I spent the last couple days giving rubs of ACV to my warts which got scabier and scabier each morning. I was more conservative with the amount of ACV as to not hurt my skin.

Today the scabs fell off which is awesome. I rubbed some more ACV to see if there was anything left. There was some white skin that was reminiscent of the inflamed warts previously but I think it's mostly skin healing. Regardless I feel tremendously better and will definitely use this remedy again if the issue arises. Still haven't smoked in a week and continue to eat vitamins every morning. Pretty happy right now and I hope others find a method that works. The ACV worked for me!!!


Are you diluting the tea tree oil at all and are you covering the warts when putting the tea tree oil on? thanks


No, I did not. Just dabbed it onto the place.

I can confirm that everything I did posted above works for me. Just ACV and tea tree oil (though I suspect the ACV did most of the work). No sign of them. Very happy!


hello ive tried acv and the mix of acv,castor oil and aspirin and nothing but the surrounding skin being damaged.i live in mexico and have had hpv for almost 15years.started with a little pin ponit white dot under the tip of penise head.then last year started around the back part of head.acv brought out more spots on my shaft.very small.Help i am not circumsizied. and im

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