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Diapar Rash
Use over the counter Anti-fungle cream. It works in a day or two.

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ANTI-FUNGAL means ANTI-FUNGAL! You should only use it if infact it is a fungal rash! Talk to your doctor to see if it is.


The reason anti fungal cream is good is because, most rashes turn in to yeast rashes if they are either left untreated or will not heal either due to teething, diarrea, and if a child is on an antibiotic it can also cause a yeast infection. My childs doctor actully told me about this when my child went because his diaper rash was so bad that it turned into a yeast infection and we were told to use Lotriman AF cream for athletes foot. It worked, it took a couple of days, but it worked. So not all rashes are fungal, but they can turn into that and using an anti-fungal cream will not hurt at all.


This worked wonders for my daughter! I tried cornstarch, desitin, herbal diaper creams,monistat, & even letting her air out with no diaper. Nothing helped but the Lotrimin. It cleared up within 24 hrs. This is what I will use from now on anytime I see a rash coming up.


The thing is that there are different types of rashes. The anti fungal works on the fungul rashes, but when it is a normal diaper rash, it will not help at all.

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