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I have had an abcessed wisdom tooth on my left top side for a pretty long time now, I didn't have dental insurance when it began and I didn't notice it much. now I currently do and am getting it removed next month, it has been the worst pain ever recently and I've almost been in tears over the pain, I'm scared to have it removed because of the pain involved but it will be worth it to not feel this pain everyday.
These are the things I've been doing for pain relief so I can sleep just until I get it removed.
I put an ice pack on my cheek for a few mins, chew or bite down on something soft (I use a teething ring that I got as a gift for my son but never opened or been used before) it works amazingly. Even if it looks silly to use!
Use orajel, and then position my pillow right above my cheekbone or just lay on that cheek.
After doing all of this I've been able to sleep so much better.

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I have cracked/broken molars on the lower left side. I found that ibuprofen and Tylenol (alternating doses every 4-6 hours) and using clove bud oil help reduce the pain/swelling.


I know this sounds crazy but vinegar works like a charm.

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