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I have dealt with this issue off and on for several yrs. Usually springs up with stress.I am excited to share my recent news. Today is day 5 of a juicing cleanse(using the magic bullet so that I am not just extracting water from my veggies and fruits) This is the first time I ever did anything remotely like this but I figured what could it really hurt. I did it with the intentions of detoxifying myself and wanted to monitor my progress. Day one immediate result! There was no odor, no need for me to take a Refresh capsule to control it. Juicing has lowered my PH almost instantly. I do plan on going back to solid food in tutu he next day or so but I will most certainly be more health conscious and will look to juice each morning and substitute my morning coffee for it.

Check out this article of foods that I believe caused my PH to be off balance and ones that I'll be cutting back on.

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What were you juicing?

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