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I have had good success using ACV for genital warts. For the smaller ones, the apple cider vinegar alone was enough to kill them (turn white, then black, then flake off). For the larger warts at the base of the penis, the ACV would turn them white, they would become enlarged and itchy but they would usually not die. It wasn't until I saw my dermatologist with the warts in this enflamed state, and had him do my usual hyfrecation treatment, which burns them off using a small electric metal needle. Usually this treatment would get rid of the wart for a few months only to have it come back, but in COMBINATION with the ACV, the treatment worked and I finally have relief.


ACV + Hyfrecation = Success!!

fyi It can be pretty painful if you aren't numbed up first, but it's worth it!! GOOD LUCK!

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does Hyfrecation leave scar in the pienas.

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