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After many years of severe and persistent job related hand eczema I have managed to find something that works wonderfully. Heat gently the following in roughly equal parts: 100% pure beeswax 100% pure coco butter and 100% pure coconut oil. Make absolutely sure you aren't using any adulterated products with alcohol, scents or any weird stuff. You can order the products on-line if you can't find the pure stuff. I pour mine into some chocolate molds which are handy to carry with me. Use this awesome hand salve often. Good luck!

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Bill from the Philippines

Kristine: your formula is probably good for curing/putting eczema in remission. I contacted eczema by using strong chemicals in industry, something like lacquer thinner, only worse. I had a relatively bad case on my hands only for many years. Then for my dry skin I started using coconut oil (just the cooking variety) and it stopped my eczema and it was dormant for most of 12 years. I was careful about cleaners and soaps of every kind. Occasionally I have a small spot of eczema on one finger. Now I have eliminated soap and shampoo from my life, occasionally using a little hydrogen peroxide or vinegar in it's place. My hair is much nicer without shampoo. I wash it once or twice daily with pure rainwater, same with my whole body. Soap and shampoo are poison, if you don't believe that try eating a small amount.

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