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Take half a unisom tablet every night. It helps a TON with morning sickness, and you are able to get more sleep, with helps with feeling sick anyway. Very easy... I went from throwing up 6 times a day to just once in the morning... saved my life!

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This really works. My Dr. recommended taking Unisom at night and B-6 twice a day. The Unisom alone did it for me. I took one tablet every night. Ask your doctor to make sure this is right for should be.


I did this as well with my first pregnancy. Now i'm pregnant again and the trick works well..only I noticed that after I take it for about a no longer makes me sleepy. Helps with the nasea..but not with the sleep after awhile. It IS a lifesaver though!! Oh..and I have a pregnancy book with all the meds you can take when you're expecting and it actually recommends Unisom and Emetrol for morning sickness!

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