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First of all I tried cloves (whole and oil) & no dice. Did not work at all. I don't drink so no alcohol. But I love garlic so I bought some bulbs at the grocery store. Cut a slice off the clove and bit down on it just right so that it was kinda encasing the bad tooth (mostly where the infection was). This was a lifesaver cuz I worked a seven hour shift earlier tonight. Yes I took a clove of garlic to work and did this. And tonight after I got home and ate (chicken for dinner and blueberries for dessert) my tooth ached again... So another piece of garlic to the bad tooth. Kept it there for half an hour then spat it out. No pain and it's been over two hours

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Garlic clove worked for me followed by baby teething gel ah the relief


I have been taking acetaminophen 500 mg for the pain every four hours for the last 24 hours but the pain still there although not has bad so searching the internet i read your comment and i tried garlic clove for about 30 minutes and the pain went away it's amazing,i work at nights so i am taking some garlic clove with me and some breath freshener ! ,Thank you!!


I try this also its really work..


Its been 9days now I hv a toothache went to see Dr n he schudled me for Xray till nextweek wensday.Just tried it now n I can feel the difference.Thank You I'll use it till ma Xray app.


I just bit do down on a clovee of Garlic, and now my mouth is deadening so I can sleep a little longer.


I tries the onion cloves this nite, its really wrks. Am so api nw cos I was having terible pains that I cant opren my month 2 talk. Tnx 4 this home remedy. I truely recommend it 4 use.

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