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i have 6 snapped teeth exposed nerves cant afford to have them removed yet been this way for a few years nothing works only dulls it to cope but today could not stand it any more and started swishing random stuff to see if anything helps and you would not belive it but soy sauce will kill the nerve pain better than pain killers soy sauce sounds funny but try it make sure to spit it out too much salt lol

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This worked for me! You're a saint. I was feeling desperate.


I am disabled & suffer from #10 pain 24/7 & never cry. I normally take 1/2 of 10mg methodone 3x daily,4-10mg hydrocodone, 3 flexeril daily. I cracked n lost 1/2 of my capped wisdom tooth. It's turned black like a cavity. I normally have perfect teeth and never had cavity or dental issues except the removal of another wisdom tooth many years ago.. I am at like a #15 pain, if you can imagine and that's AFTER I took all reg meds on time. So I took a full round on top of my reg meds and then another hydrocodone. So over the course of an hour I took a total 10 mg methodone, 2 flexeril, 3 hydrocodone, I also threw in 5x200mg ibuprofen. I've also been nearly doubling antibiotics for past couple days. After taking all this I was still in horrific pain,the nerve is obviously exposed. I took a swig of soy sauce and bam! gone! I tried that first hoping to avoid chewing on garlic. To the lady that said she couldn't have dental work due to being 8 months pregnant I had oral surgery to remove 2 wisdom teeth (1 each pregnancy) I was 8 and then 9 months pregnant. I also was given antibiotics & narcotics (hydrocodone 10mg) for the pain afterward. Both of my children are perfect. They are now 15 & 18 and suffered no ill effects. Drs would prefer to push off 'unneccessary' procedures during pregnancy but if work is required there is really no issues or reasons not to have the work done. Stress from severe pain can cause far more harm to a child than a few antibiotics or pain pills.


thank you very much !!!! this really worked but i had to do it 2 times ..... the pain went away very fast

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